Creative Activities for Wellbeing – Storytelling

Do you love stories? 

Do you know where the magical story portals are where you live?

How do you enter? Do you need a magic word?

What adventures will you go on? 

Who is coming with you?

Who will you meet?  

What magical powers do you have?

Draw the magical world you find yourself in. What does it look like? 

Is there a Queen/ King/ fairies/ elves/ witches/ goblins/ giants?

How do you get back?

How does your home look to you now?

Can you send us your story? Email us or Tweet us.

Made with help from Community United Barry 4 Everyone Centre (CUBE) - who are a collective of Barry residents who’ve come together to make a difference for families living with or affected by mental health, suicide, grief and loss , domestic abuse and substances.