Siân Helen Williams

Sian Williams

Sian loves food!

With a background in Art and Design and with her three children grown up, Sian decided to use her love of cooking to investigate the power of good food and simple cooking in a persons well- being.

 It’s  been a lot of fun and she’s met some amazing people of all ages.

Sian has worked for years at Ysgol Plasmawr – in a role unique to Plasmawr- developed over the years- cooking and and developing the self esteem of young people- boys in particular- through helping them to develop cooking skills that will last a  life time.

Sian has also trained as a Get Cooking trainer, and Families First and Flying Start facilitator with Cardiff Council and the local health centres.

Recently worked as a Lead Creative School Practitioner for the Art Council introducing young pupils to healthy food in a fun way.

Sian has been developing her ‘zoom’ skills over lockdown and has had lots of fun helping young people cook simple dishes in their own kitchens!