I like drumming and singing. It made me feel happy and relaxed, and I like hanging with my friends. I look forward to the sessions. More sessions please!(participant)

Very nervous and scared but now afterwards I feel happy and jolly!(participant)

I liked today. I liked al the music and singing. The whole experience improved my state of wellbeing. (participant)

Very joyful people, great place, would come again. (participant)

I was nervous before I did it and ok now – I felt unsure, but happy now. I feel relaxed now and more confident. I would definitely do it again! (participant)

I really loved today, a great experience, more visitors! (Day Centre worker)

I am a Day Centre member and have supported the music group at the Day Centre. This is the first time we have performed like this and the results have been amazing! (support staff member)
This Centre has always supported and encouraged its members to try new things and has always has a great creative and positive atmosphere, but as always has limited funds to offer all that it wants for its service users. This funding enabled a fantastic project and partnership, a new music and song project at the Centre which challenged participants and ended with a beautiful live performance which brought in friends, family, support workers and new people into the Day Centre.(Alex Bowen, Breathe Creative)

This is one of the best courses I’ve ever been on. I learnt a lot about myself as well as things I can share with my clients.

Time to stop, pause and reflect on what’s important.

Some of the activities on the course can be useful for attachment and attunement issues. Jane, Course Participant

Feedback from other people on our training courses:

Excellent training, participant learning and creativity; all my team would benefit from this training.

It’s brought the group together.

Quite emotional, taken me to deeper places.

I let go and had fun!

Quite an emotive week.

Good to reflect on approach and practice.

Excellent, not rushed, and thought-provoking.

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