Co-Creative Arts – A Work in Progress

Art with Emma, Fish Puppet

I am pleased to announce that I have received funding from the Arts Council of Wales‘ Stabilisation Fund for the project ‘Co-Creative Arts – A Work in Progress’. I will be working collaboratively with project development workers Katja Stiller (freelance Creative Expression Specialist) and Rhys Hughes (Counsellor/ Trainer/ Social Worker).

In this project we will be developing and exploring our Co-Creative Arts approach through experiential and sharing sessions with Community Artists and partners in Wales during, and coming out of, the Covid-19 Lockdown.

This such an important time of change and this project will form part of an exciting creative response within Community Arts in Wales. We will be questioning how we can best adapt our creative work and practice for the new ‘normal’ world of the future.

This will inform the development of our Co-Creative approach and we will be documenting how Community Artists are working in the current situation; their issues, concerns, creative solutions and what they might need in terms of support, safeguarding, training and their own wellbeing.

Alex Bowen, Breathe Creative