Penguintown Animation

Our latest film, Penguintown, launched for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, was created by our animation group at Ty Canna Outreach Service and User Led Resource Service. 

 “The film Penguintown began in a session of creative writing with service users at Ty Canna. Ideas developed further through discussions about representing mental health issues. The resulting film tells the story of how mindfulness is being used as a productivity tool at PenguinCorps, to make more money for the Big Bosses. However, our penguin hero challenges his Big Boss’s attempts at control, and takes things into his own flippers!. The artwork and animation created by David, a talented artist, gives the film a unique and fresh style.”  

(Jane Hubbard, animator and project facilitator)

 “We can’t all be the next Einstein or Agatha Christie, but perhaps we can all find a role that plays to our strengths, rather than exploits our vulnerabilities. The team behind this, our little film, have all struggled with this basic, human need. The need to be useful, to fit-in somewhere…” 

“Our animation this year is about being ‘different’. It is about outsiders.” 

 “We hope you like it!” 

(Group members)

“Some are short. Some are tall. Some introvert. Some extrovert. We each have our own talents and abilities. Our challenges and deficits too. Being human, we come in many bewildering forms … Such variety gave us Da Vinci, Tesla, Ada Lovelace and many, many thousands more that you have never heard of. Without it, we wouldn’t have split the atom, invented the CAT scanner, or created your favourite work of art, whatever that may mean for you.” 


This film was created by the service users at Ty Canna and was made by exploring their own ideas, creative artwork and imagination.

Thanks to funding support from The Arts Council of Wales, Cardiff Council, and The National Lottery Community Fund.  

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