Challenging our inner critic with creativity for wellbeing

Ty Canna wellbeing group
Ty Canna wellbeing group

In one of our  Creativity for Wellbeing  groups this week, we looked at our inner critic, how to challenge it and how to change the script:


You are doing your best 

Be a friend to yourself


Today is tomorrow’s yesterday 

You can live 

Keep going 

Don’t worry it is not the end of the world

Don’t rush, breathe and take your time 

Love yourself 

Enjoy the learning 

Keep believing in yourself 

You can do this!

‘Capturing Moments’ for Wellbeing in 2021

Capturing Moments project flyer

We are happy to announce that we’ve been awarded funding for our exciting new Arts at Home mental health and wellbeing project from the MH Covid Response Grant.

This project is part of the Welsh Government’s COVID-19 response to the pandemic, supporting wellbeing through engagement with health boards, local authorities and the third sector.

During this project we will be connecting with people using creativity as a tool for increasing wellbeing, reducing social isolation and creating a gallery of work to help people express themselves and share their world with a wider community.

With support from Cwm Taf University Health Board, BAVO, Bridgend County Borough Council, Interlink and Welsh Government.

Season’s Greetings

Cardboard house model

Gan ddymuno Nadolig Llawen iawn ichi a’ch teuluoedd a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Wishing you and your families a very happy Christmas and New Year

For a festive workshop with Ty Canna we designed a simple template of a house, so that each participant was then able to decorate it themselves, with an LED light to go inside, so the participants could carry their design to a small garden around the house. We spent a fabulous session talking about home, our lives and hopes for the future, whilst making our festive houses, all with much laughter!” 

(Emma Jones, Arts Facilitator, Breathe Creative)
Ty Canna Creativity for Wellbeing workshops (Beyond the Label)
Ty Canna Creativity for Wellbeing workshops (Beyond the Label)

This year we have been been very lucky to have had the opportunity to share creativity with amazing people, with many challenges, working mostly on line and using creativity for wellbeing. 

This has been such a hard year for everyone, but we have shared, laughed, cried, created, co-operated and connected.

Thank you to all our participants, funders, friends and partner organisations. We look forward to working with you in 2021. 

Stay safe.

Alex Bowen, Director, Breathe Creative

‘Beyond the Label’ Project, World Mental Health Day ‘Diamond’ Film Launch

Blue bird flying high

We are so proud to launch our project ‘Beyond the Label’, working creatively and using Arts for Wellbeing with funding from The National Lottery Community Fund and working  in collaboration with Ty Canna Mental Health Outreach service in Cardiff.

Over a period of three months, from May to July 2020, service users met weekly online to create artwork and writing for an animation that reflects their lived experiences of mental health conditions.

The extra challenges of lockdown meant that collaborators weren’t able to meet in person, but this was overcome to produce this rich and wonderful collection of work, a selection of which was used by Jane Hubbard to create the animation.

As well as this, contributors worked with composer and sound artist John Rea to create individual sound pieces of themselves reciting their poetry, sometimes singing and playing instruments.

Many thanks to contributors: Jen, Judith, Nick, Sarah, Mandy, Maddy, Ellie, Kate

Special Thanks to Lewis Rigley and Ty Canna Mental Health Outreach Service

Facilitators: Katja Stiller and Sarah Featherstone

Animator: Jane Hubbard

Composer and Sound Artist: John Rea

We would like to thank the Lottery for financially supporting this project. 

Community Fund

Co-Creative Arts – A Work in Progress

Art with Emma, Fish Puppet
Art with Emma, Fish Puppet

I am pleased to announce that I have received funding from the Arts Council of Wales‘ Stabilisation Fund for the project ‘Co-Creative Arts – A Work in Progress’. I will be working collaboratively with project development workers Katja Stiller (freelance Creative Expression Specialist) and Rhys Hughes (Counsellor/ Trainer/ Social Worker).

In this project we will be developing and exploring our Co-Creative Arts approach through experiential and sharing sessions with Community Artists and partners in Wales during, and coming out of, the Covid-19 Lockdown.

This such an important time of change and this project will form part of an exciting creative response within Community Arts in Wales. We will be questioning how we can best adapt our creative work and practice for the new ‘normal’ world of the future.

This will inform the development of our Co-Creative approach and we will be documenting how Community Artists are working in the current situation; their issues, concerns, creative solutions and what they might need in terms of support, safeguarding, training and their own wellbeing.

Alex Bowen, Breathe Creative

Creating Calm Photo Gallery Week 3


We’ve been in lockdown for many weeks now and the world has changed beyond all recognition. In this odd time we are connecting with people through our online arts projects. Here are some photographs from people who we are working with – colleagues, communities, friends and families sharing what our lives are like at the moment.

Creating Calm Photo Gallery Week 2

Stay Positive, Have Hope

In this strange time we are trying to connect with people through online arts projects. It is a vulnerable time for everyone. Here are some photographs from people who we are working with – colleagues, communities, friends and families sharing what our lives are like at the moment.